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The Metal Monster

By A. Merritt
Cover artist: Richard Powers

Perhaps Abraham Merritt's most lasting claim to fame is his influence on master of the macabre H.P. Lovecraft who in his turn has influenced many another author, but in his day Merritt was a giant figure in fantasy and - though the term hadn't been invented yet - science fiction. His fanciful writing influenced many another young "scientifiction" writer in the early days. In his Afterword to The Best of..., Jack Williamson cites Merritt as his first idol, having learned many "purple adjectives" from him - something Merritt is infamous for.

This story, despite the blurb at the top of the cover, is not about robots per se but rather about a race of intelligent metallic platonic solids that are able to combine into many forms, one of which is the metal monster depicted here in this humorous illustration by Richard Powers. And, though that appears to be fine depiction of the beautiful Norhala, leader of the metal monster, we don't recall anything in the story about the metal monster having googly eyes and a goofy face. And, speaking of Powers' Norhalla rendering, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but not where Merritt is concerned - more like ten thousand, and most of those... adjectives.

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