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A Choice of Gods

By Clifford D. Simak
Cover artist: Unknown

If you liked City by Clifford D. Simak you're sure to like this novel as well. Similar to City, it is set in Earth's far future where there are few humans left on Earth but many robots. A Choice of Gods tells the story of the distant future, 5,000 years after most of the human population had mysteriously disappeared from the Earth. Over the intervening five millennia, the remaining group of humans evolved parapsychic abilities that allow them to travel the stars with a mere thought. The action centers around Jason Whitney, one of a small group of humans that decided to remain on Earth and "keep the home fires burning" for the others. Whitney's small enclave of humans lives an idyllic life with a group of robot servants and a neighboring Indian tribe that lives according to their ancient customs. Also, nearby, is a group of "wild" robots that are building something known only as the Project.

The action heats up when Whitney's long missing brother returns from the stars with news that he has found the missing Earth people and that they are returning to Earth. He also reports the presence of a mysterious force at the center of the galaxy that he calls the "Principle," and that this force may in some way be involved with the abrupt disappearance of the people of the Earth.

What effect will the return of the People have on the idyllic life of Whitney and the remaining Earth population? What is the mysterious Principle, and how is it connected with the equally mysterious Project that the robots are constructing? And, most chilling of all, what interest does the Principle have in humanity? Well, we're not telling, you'll just have to read it and find out for yourself!

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